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Late Night Lullaby

When Marie stirs late at night I take my chance to settle her while Lisa gets some sleep.

AN: Song quote Fireflies by Owl City.

Celebrating My Birthday

Today, I celebrated my birthday with the girls from the football team.


The Birth of Marie Nott

Today, Theo and I welcomed our daughter into the world.

Dealing with Frustration

I figured out a new way to help deal with frustration.

A night in with Harry...

Tonight, Harry and I spent some much needed time together.


Making Amends

A chance run in with Orion led to us making amends and deciding give our relationship a second chance.



Theo and I discussed who would be best to care for Marie if anything happened to us.

Letters Unsent

Going through my hunt gear I come across some letters I never delivered.


Quodpot Game

I surprised Ginny with tickets to a Quodpot game.


Mood Swings and Cravings

Today, I was dealing with mood swings and cravings.

Manor of Mysteries

With my headaches cured and glasses making it easier to focus, I turn my attention to a puzzle I discovered weeks ago.


Restaurant Run in

I had a a date, the first since my break up with Orion. The evening didn't go at all the way I expected.

Checking in on a sick sister...

Today, after Harry was evasive about some information about Ginny, I decided to check up on her to make sure she was alright.


Here goes...

So down on one knee in a room filled with strangers it is...


Fight About a Fight

After Megan left and Oliver came home we had a fight about their fight.

Family Dinner Diaster

Orion met my family today and while that went well, the conversation after dinner was horrible.

After that, I needed to talk to a friend so I went to see Katie.

Nightmares and Talks...

I didn't start today thinking it would end like this, but Harry and I talked and we worked out our differences.

A.N. - Backdated to Feb. 26 because Harry's writer is MIA. Sorry.


Stubborn Patient

Whoever said doctors made the worst patients...didn't have to convince Theo to see a healer.


Next step: ask the parents

I talked to Okashi's dad tonight. I never before realized just how much I'm marrying the family as well as the girl...should she says yes.

Bros in a bachelor pad

I had ulterior motives when asking Shino to come hang out tonight.

Of velos, leather, and longing

While working out some kinks after a day at the desk, I happen upon an interesting sight, a familiar face doing a bit of window shopping.


Dog Day...

Today, Flint and I went looking at dogs, and I woke up to a surprise the next morning.

A.N. - post takes place feb. 25 to early morning feb 26.


Third Time's The Charm

When a friend ends up attacked and needs a calmer head to ensure she's not locked away in a padded room for safe keeping, that's where I come in.

Plunge into Knockturn

Its been awhile so I decide to pay Theo a visit. I have to admit it was probably the best visit I had with him. So much is changing in my life and for the better it seems.


The Temple of Treasure

Johann gave us a job on Niclos's behalf...for all four of Niclos's hunters. As always putting Nicolas, Nadia, Katie and myself onto a hunt, makes things interesting.

Note: events take place between Feb 25th to Feb 29th



Needing Down Time

Every once in awhile, even a stellar example of the community like me needs to lay low for a few days. Couldn't think of a better place than with a good friend.


Valentine's with Padma

A Valentine's with Padma that I'll never forget.

Backdated to Feb. 14th


Sister to sister discussion

Sometimes not being able to explain yourself and being rubbish at relationships makes you sound childish, but at least Megan did make me feel better...even if I do have to talk to Harry.

A Belated Birthday

A birthday was temporarily forgotten, but it was still celebrated.


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